Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Friends and I

I drew this last week. I’m in the middle and then two of my best friends in the background. I drew it in a manga or anime way.

Flower Days

Sorry I have been doing my homework but I had this last week, but I have made many things in art class that I just have to get back from my teacher. It’s a flower that I found a picture of and then I painted it. The blue background was made with a sponge and doing that many times made it has a pretty cool effect.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Steps to Drawing Anime People

STEP 1: First, draw the face, like the chin, and neck. Then draw the eyes, mouth, and nose.

STEP 2: draw the body, cloths and the collar bone (you don’t have to draw the collar bone).
STEP 3: Now it’s time for hair. Hair can be hard but its fun, I think. Pretty much you’re just drawing triangles, and making lines.

STEP 4: outline your person in marker.  
STEP 5: after outlining with marker, erase it. 

STEP 6: now it’s time to color it! You can also add detail to your drawing like necklaces, and or tattoos.

                                                       I hope this helps! J


I had extra paint and I didn’t want to waste it so I made a triangle thing and it looked like a wing so I made another, so it looked like a butterfly

sponge painting

I painted by using a sponge a couple of days ago so that’s how it looks. I like it because there’s no meaning to it, it just a cool looking sponge painting I guess.

My life

This picture shows you my life, so far. I have autonomic problems or problems with nerves. My pain is different than most kids my age, like if a break something most kids would feel that, but I don’t. That’s why there’s a pain scale. Like if its 18 degrees outside will go out in a t-shirt, shorts, with wet hair, and bare feet and be fine. That’s why there is a fire and some ice cubes. The wheelchair is pink because when I was younger I had a pink wheelchair. The weird thing coming out of wheelchair is a nerve. The baby is a peanut because that was a nickname I was given when I was younger also, It, was my other one because doctors thought I was going to die. This is for a school project, I hope I do well.