Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Late Holidays

I painted this today. Even though it’s December 26th I still painted it. I found the picture on and I drew it on the way I wanted it so it would be mine own person. Then I painted it, and then I painted the background.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"my study hall collection"

My study hall collection is a book of my friends and my drawings. We started after I always would draw anime people so my friends fallowed. It’s became a book and we might at the end of the year give it to be new art teacher.

My wall at home

Last summer I made these weird monster things and my sisters thought they looked like these monsters in some Disney movie.

This painting I made in 5th grade, so don’t make fun of it.

I made this in art last year. We had to draw are hands, and shade them so this is mine.
Well during the summer I loved drawing people from “Invader Zim” and this is one of them. I put the Monster can in his hands because lots of kids my age like Monster.

Last year before everyone knew La Roux I drew this from her video “bullet Proof.” I thought about putting it into a contest but never did.

My Sculpture

This I made with a fan and a fake rose so my cat couldn’t eat the rose anymore. Today I looked at it again and thought it was art.

what i found

        I found theses today in my room and I made theses almost a year ago

My Painting

This I painted on December 24th. I look for a picture on and found on that looks like the one I painted. The painting is different than the picture like the colors, the girl’s hair and some other things. You can get a canvas, paint brushes, and paint (acrylic is good but be careful to not get it on your cloths) at an art store but something’s you can get at almost any store.

my dolls

I made this on December 23rd, when I was bored and I used; a wooden manikin, bows, and tissues. You can get tissues and bows almost anywhere, the wooden manikin at any art store.  

Friday, December 24, 2010


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